The breathtaking excitement takes place in the white water rapids of Hvítá glacial river. Once dressed properly, you will begin the ride in the flat calm part of the river to get the feeling of the jet boat, before rushing upstream into a narrow part of the river. Further upstream, basalt rock formations begin to rise above you. With your expert jet boat driver you go on an intense journey through steep canyons and whitewater rapids. Deeper into the canyons the river goes calm again and becomes even narrower. In some parts only 5 meters from wall to wall. The jet boat driver tickles the throttle and you will rush so close to the canyon walls that you can almost reach out and touch them.
The intense speed and 360° turns are sure to please even the wildest thrill seekers. This tour gets your adrenaline “speeding”

The river jet ride is ideal to combine with the your Golden Circle tour.

Available: from 1 May – 31 October
Total duration: 1 hour, including approx. 40 minutes on the river 
Included: Guidance and all safety equipment needed for the jet boat ride, incl. dry-suit, helmet, life-vest and gloves
Bring/wear: Comfortable warm clothing and shoes you don’t mind getting wet. We recommend you bring sunglasses. Swim wear and towel.
Minimum age: 8 years
Meet on location:  Drumboddsstaðir base camp 15 min prior to before.

Please note:

This is the only whitewater jet boat experience in Iceland, the company follows the highest international safety standards applicable to commercial jet boating operations. The clothing we provide will keep you warm and dry, so there is no need to bring a change of clothes.

If you wear glasses they will fit under the goggles we provide. If you are pregnant we do not recommend that you join the Jet Boat Tour. It is, also, not recommend that people heavier than 130 kg participate.